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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cape Ann Winter Birding Weekend: Event Review

The annual Cape Ann Birding Weekend is a fantastic family event for those interested in birdwatching or just spending a day together in the great outdoors learning about nature from friendly and knowledgeable experts. The event takes place in early February along the coast of Massachusetts, so definitely bundle up and be prepared for the New England winter, but Cape Ann is one of the premiere birding locations in the northeast.

"Cape Ann is very well-known for its winter birding," says Chris Leahy, one of the event's founders. "Many very rare species are easy to see here in winter." The purple sandpiper is a good example. In summer it resides in Greenland and the extreme north of Canada; during the winter, however, coastal birders are almost guaranteed to spot them on the rocky coasts of Cape Ann.

In addition to the bus tours, the event featured a number of bird-related vendor displays, and slideshow presentations of the birds and wildlife of the Svarlbad, Belize and Cape Ann. The Sunday morning bird watching ocean cruise that had been planned for the Cape Ann Birding Weekend had to be cancelled this year because of poor weather conditions forecast for the day.

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