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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Crossley ID Guide review

I like to go bird watching whether it is in my own backyard, at one of the many birding destinations in New England or even further afield. Consequently, a great many of my reviews will be related to this hobby that i enjoy with my family. We have a great many filed guides and birding ID books to help us make positive identifications of birds with which we are not particulalry familiar. Most of them include one or two up close photos of each bird showing the details of the plumage and body shape.

That's great if you happen to get a good look at the bird and it turns to present a profile similar to those shown in the book, usually that doesn't happen. The Crossley ID Guide takes a different and better approach. It uses composite photo plates that include dozens of photos of each bird at various ages and seasons digitally placed in a landscape in which they would typically be found. The photos show the bird at various distances, at many angles, in flight, on the ground, and in almost every posture in which you might see the bird in the wild.

This makes it much easier to positively identify birds seen in the wild.

Read my complete review of the book here, including some sample photo plates that really show the difference between the Crossley ID Guide and ordinary bird watching field guides.

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