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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dasani's PlantBottle technology

I had the opportunity to discuss the new PlantBottle technology with the general manager of Northeast Coca-Cola and his resident expert on recycling and the PlantBottle technology. Basically, Coca-Cola is using a moelcule derived from ethanol as 30 percent of the plastic content in the Dasani PET bottle. The ethanol is derived from Brazilian sugarcane, which is demonstrably "greener" than corn-based ethanol and has the further advantage of not displacing food crops for fuel crops, at least at present. Sugarcane production rules in Brazil support keeping the industry green and preventing it from encroaching into rain forests, the Amazon basin, or other critical wildlife habitats. Given, the nature of the bottled water industry in terms of environmental unfriendliness, however, is the PlantBottle technology just an attempt to greenwash a product with a bad reputation?
Read my complete report on the PlantBottle technology at this link.

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