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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Great Falls Balloon Festival

Every August for the past 18 years, the twin towns of Auburn and Lewiston, Maine host the Great Falls Balloon Festival. In 2010, I attended with my wife and enjoyed not only watching the many colorful balloons rising out fo the crowd, but also the day long concerts and the festival atmosphere.

Photo copyright: Brad Sylvester

The above photo shows just one of the colorful and creative hot air balloons that was filled almost in the midst of the concert crowd. The balloons rose aloft and filled the skies, at times passing right overhead so that the crown below could see up inside the balloon as it floated past.

This is a terrific family event. One can easily spend a whole day enjoying the craft booths, the festival food, the music from the many excellent bands that performed, and of course, the balloons themselves. For those with the adventuring spirit, balloon rides can be booked that launch from the festival grounds.

Read my full review of the 18th Annual Great Falls Balloon Festival (inlcuding a video of one balloon's narrow escape with neighboring buildings and powerlines) and the bands that performed at this link and see a slideshow of the many hot air balloons that were featured here.

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