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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Book Review: 'Antarctic Wildlife, A Visitor's Guide' by James Lowen

Taking a cruise to Antarctica is definitely something that's on my very lengthy list of things that I'd like to do someday. If and when that happens, I am certainly bringing along James Lowen's "Antarctic Wildlife, A Visitors' Guide. This combination travel guide and wildlife field guide not only gives the options for different types of cruises and departure ports, but also details just about every animal you're likely to see along the trip.

The wildlife species accounts are separated by region, so that you can narrow the search by just those that are found in particular parts of your Antarctic voyage. Photo plates are large and clear, offering several views of each animal as it is likely to be seen in the wild. The book also includes a brief, but interesting "talking point" about most of the animals and plants listed. These talking points can help make you look an expert filled with information or simply add some richness to your understanding of what you're seeing on the cruise.

If you're not travelling to the Antarctic, the book offers a detailed view of the plants and animals that live there along with some of the ecological pressure the region faces today. IA must have for the Antarctic traveller, and recommended for anyone curious about what the loneliest continent on Earth.

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Material Connection Disclosure:
The book "Antarctic Wildlife, A Visitor's Guide" by James Lowen was provided to me free of charge by Princeton University Press for review.

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